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Sylvia McDaniel's DARING - It Rounded Up 5 Stars Here on Cowboys 'n Country! #HistoricalWestern #BookReview #NerdyGirl

A Lipstick and Lead Novel
by Sylvia McDaniel
Published:  June 12, 2015
Publisher:  Virtual Bookseller
Length:  278 pages
Genre:  Western Historical Romance

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Sometimes The Past Refuses To Stay In The Past

Ruby McKenzie loves being a bounty hunter in west Texas. She loves chasing bad guys and bringing them to justice using her beauty and wiles to catch criminals. But her sisters refused to let her hunt alone and now they’re married, no longer interested in seeking outlaws. When Ruby takes her cousin Caroline out on a hunt, they stumble upon the handsome cowboy who broke Ruby’s heart. Deke Culver. The only man who has ever resisted her charm.
Deke Culver is shocked when Ruby McKenzie rides into his camp and steals his bounty. Ruby was the girl who got away, the woman he sometimes dreams of and knows he can never marry. When the two decide to work together to bring in her father’s killer, neither one is prepared for the feelings that are reawakened. But Deke has a secret that will keep him from ever committing himself to a woman. Can Ruby heal his heart and open it to love once again?



Have you ever done something only to be turned down, never understanding why?  Have you ever done something for the right reasons and later on wished you hadn't?  Those are the quandarys of the two main characters in Sylvia McDaniel's latest release, Daring.  Ruby McKenzie and Deke Culver have wounds from not only a previous encounter but from events in their lives. Though both drawn to one another, neither wants to give in as they hunt together to find the evil-hearted bastard who killed Deke's mentor and Ruby's father in cold blood.

Daring is the fourth in the series and a downright entertaining book.  I read and read and didn't want to put it down.  The drama and events were certainly exciting but what I really loved and kept reading for was the dialogue and interaction between Ruby and Deke.  It reminded me of something I called a Push me-Pull you as a child. The back and forth, the quick wit, the smart remarks.  When in reality, of course, all they wanted was to get up close and really personal.  Really, really personal.  And you were never sure if that would actually happen before the end of the book or if they would finish the job and go off to their neutral corners. I, of course know, having read the book but I'm not about to spoil it for ya! *grin*

I would, however, strongly encourage all historical western romance lovers to pick up a copy of Daring as soon as you can - the rest of the series too for that matter, and settle in for a good ride.

RATING:  5 Stars

HEAT:  2/5 Flirty

I received this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own and no further compensation was received.

Meet Author Sylvia McDaniel:

Sylvia McDaniel is a best-selling, award-winning author of historical and contemporary romances. Known for her sweet, funny, family-oriented romances, Sylvia is the author of The Burnett Brides a historical western series, The Cuvier Widows, a Louisiana historical series, and several short contemporary romances.

President of the Dallas Area Romance Authors, a member of the Romance Writers of America®, and a member of Novelists Inc, her novel, A Hero’s Heart was a 1996 Golden Heart Finalist. Several other books have placed or won in the San Antonio Romance Authors Contest, LERA Contest, and was a Golden Network Finalist. 

Married for nearly twenty years to her best friend, they have two dachshunds that are beyond spoiled. She loves gardening, shopping, knitting and football, but not necessarily in that order. 

Currently she’s written fifteen novels and is hard at work on number sixteen, a Christmas Novella about the Burnett Family. Look for her the first Tuesday of every month at the Plotting Princesses blogspot and twice a week at her own blog Downward Dog Diva With Sass She can be found online at: or

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