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The Omega Team: Running With Risk (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Shaye Harting #ARC #5StarReview #KindleWorlds #Novella

The Omega Team: Running With Risk
Book #12

Published:  July 31, 2016
Publisher:  Kindle Worlds
Length:  74 pages
Genre:  Western/Adventure

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Clarence “Risk” Campbell turned in his spurs for Night Stalker wings in the army. Now a new member of the Omega Team, his first mission—to extract the daughter of a congresswoman from a worn-torn country—has gone sideways when the woman insists that the real danger lies with her mother. Determined to complete his mission the best way he knows how, Risk brings the feisty, yet alluring, woman back to his family’s ranch in Wyoming. It’s the one place he’s sure he can keep her safe, whatever the danger, unless that danger comes from his growing desire for her. 

Dr. Ruth Cabot turned her back on the socialite life and has dedicated herself to practicing medicine where people need her the most. The last thing she expects is for a flying cowboy to snatch her up and literally carry her off. Having spent the last few years avoiding attempts on her life, she has no intention of letting Risk deposit her back in the arms of the enemy. Avoiding the temptation of his protective embrace is another story. 

With both their careers and lives on the line, Risk and Ruth form an alliance born of heat and need. They’re flying by the seat of their pants as they navigate around the mounting danger and their growing attraction. 

My Review

Shaye Harting must have known I'd be reading her book when she came up with a Wyoming cowboy who is a military vet turned Omega Team Operative.  Mmmn, mmn mmmn!  lol The fact that Jimmy Thomas is on the cover doesn't hurt either. ;)  

When Risk is hired to protect  our heroine, Dr. Ruth Cabot, he may have bit off a bit more than he thought.  Trying to get her to safety proved to be a real challenge, forcing him to change tactics mid-stream several times.  Eventually he realizes that the best way to truly protect her is in very close proximity which sets off all kinds of 'Danger Will Robinson' alarms.  Then just when everything seems under control, there's a wrench thrown in the works and it takes all of their mutual skills to survive that mess.

As one of the 21 stories in the Omega Team World (Running With Risk is #12) Shaye made good use of her story.  It had excitement, adventure, conflict, attitude, stealth, fun and intimate moments.  And all of that in just 74 pages!  So if you want a great little novella that packs a lot of punch, you might find yourself Running With Risk.

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

5 Stars

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